About Me

Who am I in the amateur radio world?

I go by “Bud” rather than my given name of Robert. My pronouns are he/him. I am sharing these in an effort to make our hobby more inclusive and welcoming to folks who might feel marginalized. 

I live in Louisville, CO and enjoy operating on HF, V/UHF FM, DMR, YSF, and APRS (W0RMT-1, -5, -7, -9, -13).

I am active with the Rocky Mountain Complex Incident Management Team (CIMT), and the Boulder County Type 3 Incident Management Team (IMT). I work in incident communications, primarily for wildland fire. I am a National Wildfire Coordinating Group (NWCG) qualified Incident Communications Technician (COMT), Incident Communications Manager (INCM), Radio Operator (RADO) and wildland firefighter (FFT2). I am also a member of Boulder Broomfield County Amateur Radio Emergency Services (BCARES).

Bud standing on a fire tower in Arizona with the Pipeline fire smodlering in teh background.
Pipeline Fire, 2022

I also enjoy building and using various hotspots for digital V/U work. I currently have too many hotspots to list. 

I also run and administer reflector XLX303 (http://coloradodigital.duckdns.org/index.php) which is the heart of our Colorado Digital Multiprotocol system, hosting the Colorado HD talkgroup aand may others. See http://coloradodigital.net/ for details.

Places you are likely to find me:

  • DMR Brandmeister TG 31088 (Colorado HD / XLX303D)
  • Colorado Connection linked repeater system (colcon.org
  • XLX720D (Parker Radio Association / Colorado MEGA)
  • Rocky Mountain Ham DMR system

I spend a lot of time using FT8, FT4, VARac, JS8, and Winlink on 40m, 20m, and 10m. And sometimes you can find me using HF packet on Network 105.

My QSL card