FT8 is great

Or: Don’t Hate on FT8

One of the great things about amateur radio is that there are so many different modes to explore and avenues to pursue. It is an amazingly diverse technical hobby. There is something for everyone, and FT8 has become that something for many amateur operators, much to the chagrin of a few curdmudgeons.

Without giving air to the critics, I wanted to share why I like to use FT8 (and FT4).

Reason 1:
Reason 2:
Reason 3:

I operate a lot of other HF modes as well (Olivia, PSK, VarAC, JS8Call, packet, and even SSB!) but I still like FT8 and FT4. At the end of the day, it is a hobby and it is all about having fun. Do what you enjoy and strive to be good at it. What do you like about operating FT8?






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