#FFWN Goals for 2024

I’m re-posting this from the 22 December 2023 FediFridayWinlinkNet so we can refer to it later and reflect on our stated goals.

What are your ham radio goals for 2024?

  • Figure out how to make a Greencube satellite contact
  • bring Morse skills up to 20 wpm, construct new/improved ham desk.
  • Upgrade my gear, and in particular get an HF rig
  • Complete my 488 AMSAT Gridmaster Award.
  • Build a Raspberry Pi based WSPR transmitter for the 30M band.
  • Getting faster at CW
  • Set up some exteral antennas instead of the current loft ones
  • CW ragchew QSOs, building a packet station, More POTA
  • Restart my CW learning. Get at least one CW QSO and one CW POTA QSO.
  • Set up a semi-permanent packet station for HF and VHF; operate out of my shack more
  • just more QSOs than last year
  • Get back on HF so I can do WinLink over the air and not on TelNet. Plus do HF APRS.
  • My goal this next year is to have more field activations.
  • Build Morse speed to 20wpm; build new operating position
  • More POTA, get into radio orienteering
  • Too many to count. SSTV, VARA on RPi, setup packet node, radio go-bag,…
  • get a better power supply 🙂 and optimize my shack
  • Sell unused hamradio gear. Become proficient in CW. Operate more outdoors.
  • 100 CW contacts per month
  • Clean up my shack, Send out all the QSL-cards.
  • Increase DXCC counttries to 250 confirmed and continue to improve operating skills and station in RTTY contests.
  • My ham radio goals for 2024 are to use Olivia a LOT more and to become a regular user of SSTV






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