FFWN Most Memorable QSOs

For the FediFridayWinlinkNet on 04/12/2024, the prompt of the week was to describe your most memorable QSO. Here are some of the responses.

  • QRP CW contact with Australia via long path.
  • always the QSOs with folks who had an interesting background that got them into radio or radio getting them to their careers – I recall one with someone who had gotten a sample of mylar material from the Echo 1 project (https://space.jpl.nasa.gov/msl/QuickLooks/echoQL.html) as a teen, due to an acquaintance of the family working on it.
  • D-STAR QSO with a ham with the same surname in western England. Talked for 2 hours about everything.
  • I’m only a month old, but my most interesting QSO was my first HF QSO. It was coast to coast via 10m SSB with K6AA at the Los Angeles Maritime Museum. I was so surprised I was able to reach that far on my handmade EFHW.
  • Sitting down at an EME station of a local ham probably 35 years ago on 70cm and hearing my own echos off the moon.
  • This past weekend I made my first QSO’s using a (tr)uSDX QRP Transceiver. I’m sure I have made more interesting contacts but this was memorable due to some rather unique operating challenges.
  • Was driving on I-140 and saw what looked like a 2×3 call(non amatuer plate) as I drove by flashed “5” “2” with my fingers and he saw my plate and we had a short QSO.
  • With an astranout in space.
  • They are all interesting, fascinated by talking on the airwaves.
  • Most interesting QSO was psk31 with a station in Italy when I was in Ecuador operating as HC1/VE7WYC, using a homemade mag loop that was sitting horizontally on the roof.
  • The day I constructed my doublet I made a QSO with TX5S on 12m during their DXpedition to Clipperton Island. It only took two calls on 12m to get thru.
  • Maybe my first real QSO which happened to be with the Queen Mary special event station.
  • First PSK31 – had a nice first contact and good conversation.
  • Working a VK station from a ship in the North Atlantic on 6M SSB using only a 1/4 wave whip magnetically stuck to the side of the ship.
  • QSO’s with fellow Mastodonians!
  • Not sure if it was my most interesting, but for a couple days in a row I was finding a merchant marine ship off the west coast of Africa. The station on board had a Taiwanese callsign. I got him in the log I think 3 times before I lost him. Exchanged a couple QSL cards too.






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