FFWN Weekend Plans

Here are the responses to the question from 05/03/2024: What are your weekend plans?

  • Eight to ten POTA activations on Friday between Cheyenne and Gillette, WY. Sat I will be roving for the 7QP contest covering 7 Wyoming counties.
  • HF & 6M digital
  • No radio plans, doing chores and getting ready for a trip to see Mom
  • Amateur radio satellites as usual.
  • Winlink Activities for multiple Nets
  • POTA activation if the weather allows
  • None, working this weekend
  • No plans yet
  • messing around with my linbpq setup for possibly getting on the air Friday evening as my spouse is out of town and I don’t usually get on the air at night when she’s around.
  • pota activations if weather allows, pota hunting if stuck inside
  • POTA activation
  • Deploy darkmode for our radio club website
  • Region 7 is hosting the annual 7QP and I am thinking of visiting one of the local club participants.
  • Probably some more 20m(day)/40m(night) JS8Call.
  • Installing VHF/UHF in the RV
  • Prepping for a wires-x talk. Anyone know anything about wires-x or have a presentation I can steal. I’m going from 0 to hero. I hope.
  • Not sure I have any!
  • Saturday, work on HF vertical. Sunday, Run For The Zoo communications volunteer
  • Busy with yard tasks, so probably just some VHF monitoring.
  • Get an antenna up on the ship in preparation for a sea voyage
  • Attending a swap meet and hoping to get a PK-88 TNC hooked up and working
  • Weather permitting, I’m hoping to stop by our first local hamfest of the season Sunday morning
  • Prepare 6m antenna and mast for the start of Sporadic E season, and finish my PCB layouts for a K3NG Rotator controller.Currently on 318 Grids for VUCC 50Mhz, would like to get up to 350 this year.
  • FT8 DX and local repeater monitoring





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