W0RMT Amateur Radio

  • Inclusivity in Amateur Radio

    Recently, my ARRL membership was up for renewal. I thought about it for a long time, and finally decided to renew so that I could have a (very small) voice in the way the League is operating these days. There have been many recent criticisms of the ARRL. The one that I have chosen to…

  • FFWN Most Interesting Op Location

    The FediFridayWinlinkNet question of the week on 5/31/24 was “What is the most interesting or unique place from which you have operated a #hamradio?” We had some really interesting answers! See the list below.

  • FFWN Weekend Plans

    Here are the responses to the #FediFridayWinlinkNet question from 05/03/2024: What are your #hamradio weekend plans?

  • LoRa APRS Config Files

    A couple of folks have asked for my configuration files for my LoRa APRS trackers and i-gates, so I thought I would just share them in a follow-up post. Be sure to read my first and second LoRa APRS posts. Here is my tracker_config.json file: And here is my igate_conf.json file: In each case you…

  • FFWN Most Memorable QSOs

    For the FediFridayWinlinkNet on 04/12/2024, the prompt of the week was to describe your most memorable QSO. Here are some of the responses.

  • More on LoRa APRS

    I’ve been experimenting with and using LoRa APRS for a couple of weeks now. Here is the first post I wrote about getting started with it. If you haven’t read that one yet, I suggest you start there. I’ve also been trying to learn a bit more about the LoRa modulation (or “Frequency Shift Chirp…

  • LoRa APRS

    A local amateur operator (WB5PJB Gary) reached out to me recenty to see if I wanted to get involved using LoRa APRS on 433 MHz. Gary and I used to talk quit a bit years ago when were experimenting with D-STAR and D-RATS file transfers, but we had never met in person. I had played…

North Cascades Mountains looking south from Command 1 repeater on the Sourdough Fire, 2023.
North Cascades Mountains looking south from Command 1 repeater on Ruby Mt, Sourdough Fire, 2023

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