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  • APRS RX Comparison

    Anytone 878 vs Yaesu FT-5DR Years ago, I did an analog APRS receive/decode comparison between the Yaesu FT-2DR and the Kenwood TH-D74a. It wasn’t even close – the Kenwood received and decoded far more packets than the Yaesu. I now have an FT-5DR and while I generally like the radio, I still don’t think it…

  • FT8 is great

    Or: Don’t Hate on FT8 One of the great things about amateur radio is that there are so many different modes to explore and avenues to pursue. It is an amazingly diverse technical hobby. There is something for everyone, and FT8 has become that something for many amateur operators, much to the chagrin of a…

  • Winlink Wishlist

    🎶I wish I had a Winlink stack that’s free and open-source🎶 (sung to the tune of Wishlist by Pearl Jam) I use Winlink quite a bit, which is probably widely known since I run the #FediFridayWinlinkNet. The system is very reliable and robust with so many access points and modes. But like many Winlink users,…

  • FFWN Favorite Antenna

    The question of the week for the 23 Feb 2024 FediFridayWinlinkNet was “What is your favorite antenna?” This question was submitted by Ben, AI6YR. Here are the 30 responses:

  • Some Thoughts on Digital HTs

    Like many amateur operators, I have far too many handie talkies (HTs). I’ve cycled through many, and sold or given away many that I was done with. Some of those I wish I hadn’t sold (like the Kenwood TH-D74), but others I was glad to be rid of. I thought I would take a few…

  • New Blog

    Welcome to my new amateur radio blog! I’ll use this space to share experiences and extend ham radio conversations.

North Cascades Mountains looking south from Command 1 repeater on the Sourdough Fire, 2023.
North Cascades Mountains looking south from Command 1 repeater on Ruby Mt, Sourdough Fire, 2023

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